Here we will present our own clips and videos from the kafenion but also videos from links like YouTube and GreekTube.

If you want to know how we found Charchalis and about our first visit there just click here.

På den sidan kommer vi att visa en del av våra egna videoklipp men också klipp från YouTube och GreekTube.

Om du vill veta hur vi hittade Charchalis och lite om vår första visit där klicka  här




   Stelios Lainakis and Georgios Bakalakis                                                           Two maestros Manolis and Stelios





I was really glad when I found these two clips on YouTube. I will never forget when my wife and I met and listened to Fotis Katrakis (he played together with Stelios Lainakis) for the first time.  We entered Xarxalis and of course there was music on but also the tv set. Who played? Fotis Katrakis did at the same time he was watching the match on tv. It looks so easy and relaxed when he plays, fantastic. If you like this kind of music there is a cd with Fotis Katrakis called "Ta kalitera"  which is a very good recording indeed. 




                                                                                 Father Stelios Lainakis



                                                                                     and his son Leonidas Lainakis 



       Here Leonidas Lainakis plays a Xaniotika Syrta and as we love the city of Chania this tune of course has its place in our homepage.




               The singer Xara Lainakis is of course also a member of the family, here together with her brother.    













Χαρχαλης Νικολαος to the left.

Born in Xapxaλiana (Kissamos) in 1884. One of the first violin players of Western Crete. His most productive period was between 1910 and 1940.

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