Crete, the island of Gods




Crete is the island of Gods but not only that, it is also the island with many many very good and dear friends. Some were not even born when my wife and I first came to Crete, some have  passed away and are missed a lot.

I will present some short stories, adventures and happenings from the island and I am convinced that you will understand why we love this island that much. During our escapades we have come across a lot of people, young and old, wealthy and quite poor, citypeople and mountain people etc and believe me, we have learned a lot from them.

Not only how to say "hello" in their own language or how to fix an octapos or how to

make a lamb souvlaki but most of all what hospitality, φιλοξενια, and friendship means.

We have also met with people from around the globe and many have become dear

friends with a special interest and love for Crete.

My wife Birte, in Crete baptised and called Sofia, and I have been lucky, we were born in the same year which gave us the possibility to retire at the same time, more than 10 years ago. I left the bank on the 30th of August and two days later we drove onboard the 23.00 o´clock ferrry for Germany. Next evening we reached Venice, slept and on the next day we boarded the ferry for Patras .

We were on our way to Crete..................................