Prasés, a magical day and evening



It is still early but villagers have been working for hours already. In the background are the slopes up towards Omalos

The work starts early in the morning

Water for the chestnuts

The lamb meat for vrasto ready for the Chef.

There is work for everyone

The vegetables are prepared

The out-door kitchen in early morning shadow

Chefs enjoying the nice weather

The tempo gets higher and higher

First round of vrasto is ready

Now the kitchen is  running with full speed 


"Next to us are some eight or ten barrels spreading that special smell of mash. In a couple of days it will be first class tsikoudia. Maybe it would be a good idea to return by then. After a superb brizola, two glasses of a wine we finish our private mini barbecue party with a glass of one of the best tsikoudies I have ever tasted"

No herbs, just salt is added

Casseroles have to be cleaned before next round of meat.

Roasting kastana ( chestnuts)

More roasted kastana

Kastana for the guests

Preparing the ticket tables

People start to gather

A very important person, the chef responsible for the pilaffi.

Is the taste as it should be?

Yes, the taste is perfect, Christos enjoys the pilaffi

The market is still quite but soon it will be crowded.

Our table is served

The fan gets its colours.

A good opportunity to meet old friends and have a nice chat.

Nickos and his party

Pilaffi is ready ...........

....and on its way to the tables and the waiting guests.

No shortage of tsikoudia....yet!

The band starts to play, perfect timing.

The afternoon bus can pass after passengers lifted some cars into a ditch.

Kastana for sale.

Listening to the band playing traditional music.

Of course traditional dances, impressing. Traditional dance

Traditional dance

A nice girl in a traditional Cretan dress.

Traditional dance for men.

The dancers are very popular

 Of course there must be the traditional songs, no glenti without them.

Spontaneous dancers among the tables.

The kitchen is still working. More brisoles are needed.

A young Greek

"I guess there will be many bones left for me"

Now it is time for the villagers to dance and show what they can.

They show a very good skill

Time to light the fires and roast more kastana.

Thank you Prasés for a magical day and evening.

We will be back!

:) :( :D ;) :| :P |-) (inlove) :O ;( :@ 8-) :S (flower) (heart) (star)